Classical Studies

  • Greece
  • Vatican - Augustus
  • Pentheus
  • Parnaso
  • Herakles
  • Greek philosopher busts

The Classical Studies program offers instruction in the Greek and Latin languages, in Greek and Roman literature (studied in the original and in translation), in the classical civilizations surveyed as a whole, and in particular themes, genres, and periods of classical culture and its influence through subsequent ages.

We recognize that students come to the study of ancient Greece and Rome with a whole spectrum of different kinds of interest. Some wish to concentrate on learning Greek and Latin and reading classical texts in the original languages.  Others seek a broader introduction to the cultures of Greece and Rome and their legacy.  For this reason, the Classical Studies program offers two specializations to satisfy the requirements for a BA.  The Classical Languages specialization emphasizes Greek and Latin and reading classical texts in the original languages.  The Classical Civilizations specialization allows for a broader set of approaches and does not include a language requirement.  The degree requirements for each specialization are described below.

In addition to courses listed under "Classics," some courses offered by the departments of Art History, History, and Philosophy also satisfy requirements for the Classical Studies major. For advice about which ones, consult any member of the Classical Studies faculty.

Classical Studies majors will also, if they wish, have the opportunity to engage in research. In the final year of study, a student majoring in Classical Studies may enroll in Classics 493 and 494, in which the student writes a senior thesis on a topic of the student’s choice and in close consultation with a particular faculty member. Further information on the Classical Studies major is available from faculty members. Faculty also help students arrange travel to Greece or Italy, whether to work on a dig or to study at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome. For more information on study abroad, see below.