Politics of the Flesh

This course will introduce students to the complex relation between the sphere of politics and the human body as negotiated in German literature, thought and film. We will examine the practices of power that states wield toward the maximization of “life” and discuss such pressing issues as biopower, eugenics, racism, sexism and genocide.

National Socialism and Film

This course explores films made in Nazi Germany as well as films about Nazi Germany and the corresponding crisis of justice in the mid-twentieth century. We will analyze cinematic responses to the rise of the fascist movement, World War II, the Holocaust, and the post-war years. Particular attention will be paid to the value of film as propagandistic tool, ways in which it can configure and contest our image of national identity, and the relation between mass manipulation and mass murder. Taught in English.

German Film

"From Caligari to Hitler" -and beyond. In the vein of the title of a well-known study on German film during the Weimar Republic the course offers a cinematographic history of German and European politics and culture from the early Expressionist silent movies on the award winning "Life of Others." Taught in English. This course is limited to first-year students only, any others will be removed from this course.